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Our Tears Baked in Bread and Mixed in Wine: A Maundy Thursday Reflection

Formally posted on Reconciling Ministries Network on March 23, 2016 in response to HB2

Today is the Last Supper, the night of Jesus's betrayal. Tonight signifies the time where God became vulnerable in the eyes of his disciples. Hopeful for a king to assert power, Judas realizes at the table that the king he hoped for is no more. We normally wait for Good Friday to grieve but today, we approach the table in grief because the hope of a future in which current power structures and systems work in all our favor is dashed at the table. As I think about the passing of NC HB2, the work of cisheteropatriarchy in our pews, global acts of terrorism (including the drones we send) and more, I am reminded that Easter is coming and how tonight, Jesus offers care and love and grace at the site of our dashed hopes and dreams. It doesn't stop the pain or anger. It doesn't even stop the dream of obtaining freedom by force.

But this meal that most Christians will partake of tonight reminds us that a new life, a new way of imagining, a new path towards justice is powerful and coming. For that alone, I wait for a true Easter moment where the powers that spew hate towards marignalized bodies or ignore the pain and death of the crucified are defeated and hope and abundant life rises to show us a new way together. The stripping of the altar is to remind us that the our visions of power, our current way of doing life together ultimately leads to the death for those who attempt to show us a new way of life.

So let us remember that the tears of grief are baked in the bread and mixed in our wine tonight, but Easter is coming. Justice is coming. Our hope and dreams are folded along with His grave clothes but something new will show us the path to a greater manifestation of the Quingdom of Heaven.

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