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Professional Roles

Professional Roles and Skills


Currently fully licensed in the state of North Carolina and Virginia as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. 
Previous experience include: homelessness prevention and housing services, advance care directive planning, community mental health

Program Development and Trianing Faciliation

Offers workshop and training opportunities for organizations in the public and private sector on trauma and trauma informed care, race, gender, and sexual diversity and inclusion, spirituality and therapeutic practice, and spiritual trauma

Spiritualist/Spiritual Practitioner

Trained seminarian and licensed minister since 2012 in the Chrisitan tradition. Serves as a spiritual coach and counselor for individuals navigating spiritual trauma and faith reconstruction

Work Experience: Experience

Professional Public Projects

Professional  Educative and Healing Spaces I Founded

The Sanctuary of the Seeking (SOTS) is a collaborative space that serves the many diverse and disparate needs of individuals and communities engaged in spiritual work and care. The Sanctuary of the Seeking serves as a partner and collaborator to people invested in learning about and healing from theological and religious violence.

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IMU Consulting and Counseling Services offers the comprehensive and innovative skills and strategies to help you solve the most complex issues in your life and your community. Our aim is to provide opportunities to counsel, consult, and create cultures of healing and wellness on an individual and communal level.

Work Experience: Skills

Previous Employment

Roles & Responsibilities

August 2017 - October 2020

QMHP Supervisor / IIH Clinical Lead

  • Supervise direct care staff members; providing case consultations for mental health skill building

  • Assist with documentation efforts pertaining to treatment plans, authorization requests, and other clinical documentation 

  • Providing clinical and administrative training opportunities for mental health practitioners

December 2017 - August 2018

SSVF Housing Case Manager

  • Provided support and resource coordination for veterans and their families 

  • Created housing plans and provided some assistance in case management as well as community engagement

July 2017 - December 2017

Duke Outpatient Clinic Patient Navigator

Research Pilot Program for Advanced Care Planning 

  • Link and coordinate advanced care planning appointment for high risk patients 

  • Document and report advanced care planning appointments in Epic/MaestroCare

  • Correspond with patients across socioeconomic backgrounds, addressing advocacy concerns in healthcare 

  • Coordinate with PCPs and social work departments to assess immediate needs as presented in interviews 

  • Engage with patient at the Duke Outpatient Clinic to provide basic education on the process of advance care planning

  • Coordinate with Research team regarding progress of intervention and outreach efforts

  • Help patients complete a legal healthcare power of attorney form and/or living will  if necessary

  • Supervise a BSW student intern about social work theories and practices regarding assessments and interviewing

Work Experience: Experience
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